About Us

LINDEN POINT CLINICAL ASSOCIATES Bringing expert mental health treatment to the Des Moines Area

Linden Point Clinical Associates, PC is a healthcare office providing mental health services, including medication prescribing and psychotherapy to adults. The office was founded in the spring of 2020, by January Kim and opened its doors to the first patient in June 2020. Being founded in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic created a unique opportunity to build a flexible patient-care experience from the ground up, seamlessly integrating both traditional in-office care with telehealth appointments.

Linden Point Clinical strives to offer patients the format that is best for them to address their mental health needs. What felt challenging at the start of the clinic, has become one of the greatest strengths of our care model. Virtual care involving everything from your initial intake paperwork, prescription requests, appointments and insurance billing questions can all be taken care of without a trip to our office, if you desire.

Linden Point Clinical Associates was created with the intention of allowing you to take care of your mental health needs without missing half of a day at work, arranging childcare, or driving long distances to see a provider. In addition to the ease of telehealth, our patient portal makes it easy for you to request medication refills, message your provider for urgent questions, or contact our administrative office staff about appointments or billing questions.

At Linden Point Clinical we want to make it as stress free as possible to obtain the mental health care you need.


The linden tree was chosen as the logo and name for our clinic in honor of a tree that stood on the property of January Kim’s parents. Growing up on her family farm in central Iowa, she has always found spending time outdoors in the rich greens of summer to be a necessity for staying well and balanced, both mentally and physically. As it turns out, it’s not just January that feels this way!

Studies consistently demonstrate that time spent in green outdoor spaces improves a multitude of mental health issues including: depression, anxiety, focus and concentration issues, problems with internal restlessness and hyperactivity, and a greater sense of overall well-being. When it came time to choose a name and logo for the new clinic, the linden tree seemed to be a natural fit given the personal history of the tree for Ms. Kim, as well as the beauty of the tree itself.

From the heart shaped leaves to the fragrant blossoms, the linden tree is imbued with a symmetry and grace that draws you to it. It was only after the name for the clinic had been chosen that the discovery was made that linden trees have held a special place in European countries for hundreds of years for a multitude of different properties, but most notably for their healing properties, especially for their calming and soothing ability.


As Linden Point continues to grow, we continue to refine our focus and lean into our areas of greatest strength for future growth. We are shifting our focus to the adult population and phasing out services to adolescents. Particularly, we see a strong need in the community for practitioners who offer a special focus on the specific needs of women experiencing mental health issues and how this uniquely impacts them.